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We have the same situation with my cat. He has also stopped eating and drinking, lethargic and drooling while sleeping. Planning to go to the Vet but I don't have enough money. So I tried many different home remedies to survive my cat. Please try this first so that your cat not starve to death: Blend the pumpkin, potato and chicken liver into a liquid and ...


Please do not put any object into your cats ears as it will often do more harm than good. Earwax is a mix of dust-dead skin-dead bacteria-virus and an oily substance this combination is often black or very dark. if mites are present you will see it if you smear some earwax on a white paper,it will have a dark red color(it is best if you leave this to your ...


I grew up with one cat and one dog, so speaking from my experience, I found that both my cat and my dog fluctuated between wet and dry food. Both indicated they wanted a change by standing near the bowl, scratching, or yowling at me. These are important signs that showed me they were hungry. I would suggest, if you're seeing something similar, to switch to ...


According to my thinking, this is a bacterial skin infection specifically known as the staph infection caused by staphylococcus aureus (bacteria). It usually doesn't cause irritation, itching, or swelling. But in severe cases may cause redness, inflammation, and bald spots on the skin. I think visiting a veterinarian clinic would be a great idea.

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