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What is this on stray cat’s skin?

I'm not a vet, so this is not professional advice. From the pictures, these look like seriously infected wounds that urgently need treatment, these will not heal on their own and likely get worse ...
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Cat ate rubber band. Is this dangerous?

Yes, this is a potentially dangerous situation. Rubber bands and other items that are string-like can get tangled up in the digestive tract and cause damage. Though it's definitely possible nothing ...
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White patch and spot on my goldfish?

Your fish have got a fungal infection,this is often a result of poor waterquality and when this happens there is a couple of things you have to do. no1,Stop feeding your fish and do a watertest and ...
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What effect do loud drums have on cats' hearing?

Human hearing ranges from ~50 Hz to ~20,000 Hz (the upper range limits decreases a lot with age - ref) while cat's hearing ranges from ~50 Hz to ~80,000 Hz (for a 70 dB SPL sound stimulus - ref). ...
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Is it true that goldfish growth is limited by container size?

Goldfish are limited in size by the hormones they release. They do this for instances in the wild where they are trapped in small pools or to inhibit the size of their competitors. But this does not ...
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