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What do I do about my dog having a tick and scratched it off?

First of all, don't panic. 😉 If you have small enough tweezers, you can try to remove the head. If that doesn't work, just leave it there. If you have a disinfectant for dogs (don't just use anything ...
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8 week old Kitten with shifted fracture, what would happen if we let it heal like this?

There are options here, but doing nothing is not one of them. The kitten is young, and this would probably heal in some abnormal way, but the cat would likely be left with either long term discomfort ...
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Discharge from single nostril on feline

I give my cat who has asthma a half pill of Zyrtec. She has the exact same thing going on as I am having sinus issues and it really helps her and with her asthma
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