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I see nothing wrong with the fins of your betta. There is that darker spot on its forehead that might indicate a problem, but even that is within normality. If you notice a change of behavior, then you could go to the vet to have a look.


I have a large parrot cichlid fish *6" living with 3 huge goldfish and 2 koi fish. They are all healthy and have been living together for 3 years now with absolutely no problems and no aggression. So , I would suggest you look into what your water temperature was. The goldfish are hardy. They can deal with the warmer temperature. The cichlids need ...


Unfortunately, because of the positioning of the tank, it's likely you will not able to effectively use a standard siphon; a basic squeeze-bulb (or shake-to-start) aquarium siphon relies on gravity to work, meaning that the end of the tube (and the bucket into which you're emptying the tank) must be lower than the water level of the tank. With a tank that's ...


It depends on the elevation difference and the diameter of the hose . You need to increase one or get an electric pump that will handle trash. I have put the hose out the window to get more height.

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