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Acid reflux (GERD) in a dog with chronic kidney disease

It may not be GERD. Kidney disease is often accompanied by nausea. Ask your vet about proper diagnosis and treatment.
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What can I give my dog to chew that will last more than a few minutes?

Our pup has enjoyed coffee wood to chew on. He’s just entering his “chew up everything” phase, but he has had his stick for months and skill hasn’t gotten through the whole thing. He does ingest it, ...
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Why do dogs hold specific objects in their mouth?

We have had three Vizslas over the years and all have had an instinctive need to greet you with an object in their mouth! This could be a slipper, shoe, or other object. Our current Vizsla greets us ...
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Rescued 7 pounder at puppy stage very receptive to people, now barks, growls and sometimes will bite

Despite being smaller, Mini Schnauzers have... really strong guard instincts. They are also very very vocal and excitable. They're telling you there's a stranger there. As the former owner of a ...
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