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I feed fish mosquito larva whenever I can. I am impressed when a fish that has never seen larva, decides in a couple milliseconds, that it is some thing to eat, and does it. In decades of using larva the only problem I have had is dragon fly larva that apparently came in with mosquito larva. Somehow they avoided fish and ate most baby fish before I realized ...


I'm not an expert, but having cats for many years, gives me some ideas you could try out: Put small portions on her plate; Don't leave the plate for a long time; Vary the place where you feed her, without putting her in front of her plate. Let her discover the food somewhere she wouldn't expect. Maybe serving it on something lese that is not her plate. Hope ...


I also have a cat that does this. He only does it if you're not looking or are not present in the room. I understand how frustrating it is. My cat still does it, but not as often now. I gave my cat his own room with tons of toys, a big bed and a nice window to sit by. When we are not home or sleeping he is in his room, so he doesn’t cause trouble and destroy ...


In this case, it ended up not being a problem. After a couple of weeks, he's now grown to the point of being able to swallow the pellets easily.

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