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Please note that I'm not a vet, but I once had a cat that went missing for some time and came back with a very severe ear infection including mites. The dark stuff in your cats ear is ear wax and the color is absolutely normal. The skin inside the ear doesn't look reddened either. If you want, you can clean it with a wet cotton pad. Do not use cotton buds / ...


In addition to all of the suggestions posted here, I'd also like to point out that it may be cat acne from her own oils/dander/et cetera from things such as food & water bowls (the most likely culprits) as well as bedding/towels/so on that she frequently sleeps on or rubs against. This is different than being allergic to the material itself; instead, it'...


I'm not confident enough to diagnose the cat, but my thoughts were too long to stay in the comments. I think very much sounds like a food allergy - itching and skin issues are the first and most common sign of food allergy. Check also the cat's bowel movements for any oddities (straining? too frequent?). Food allergies are almost impossible to test for, ...


Can I add a thought? Teeth. I have a little rescue that was so malnourished before I got her; her teeth are awful. She started scratching her face and it was a tooth. It was the beginning of a cycle of tooth issues at the age of 4 years old. I hope you can find your answer

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