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My dog won't let me sleep at night and it's driving me crazy

It could be one or any number of things. You can try and address these in any order. Medical: the issue could be a medical condition like pain of some kind, or alternatively some cognitive disorder, ...
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Two male dogs: one neutered, one intact; they were fine until one was neutered, now he goes after intact male; will neutering other male help?

I know this post is a few years old, but two important claims from the aforementioned research should be mentioned here. This is from the abstract for the 2018 study referenced before: "Neither ...
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Picky cat - only eats when I spoon food out of can

It actually sounds pretty normal for cats. When it comes to food, there are generally two types of cats. There's the ones that are food motivated. These will eat any scrap or crumb they can find, ...
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