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I am not a medical professional and this answer is not medical advice nor a substitute for medical advice. At first, it could be helpful to estimate whether the eye drops could even have frozen in the temperature inside your fridge. Pure water freezes at 0 °C, but any dissolved impurities will generally lower the freezing point (for example, saturating water ...


I'm sorry for your loss, but with this particular virus I would be very careful. The safest solution is to cremate her body or leave her with the vet or clinic, but I can understand if you want to bury her close to you. I wouldn't lay her to rest on a patch of land where your other dogs can reach, though. The parvovirus is a particularly resilient virus. It ...


Burying the body deep enough to not be excavated by other animals should be enough. If you want to be extra-safe, then use a service of veterinary cremation - your veterinary doctor should readily know such services.


What I do is that I have a tub for him which Ii fill with lukewarm water, around an inch deep, and place him in it. I use a toothbrush to get between his shell, which he loves. When bathing your tortoise, be aware that they will also tend to urinate in the bath water. Hope this helps.


Limescale is made of insoluble carbonates of calcium and magnesium; in other words, they are salts of carbonic acid. Salts undergo displacement reactions: for instance, weaker acids tend to be displaced from their salts by stronger acids. In case of limescale it means that it is decomposed by acids stronger than carbonic acid (acetic acid, the main ...

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