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It sounds to me like the root cause is boredom. Bengals have a reputation for being very high energy cats. Furthermore, at 9 months old, I would expect him to still have kitten levels of energy. So already I can tell he almost certainly requires a lot more play than the average cat. But also his pattern of behavior, sleep, chase, attack, follows the ...


Partial answer as per my recent update to the question. This is just taken from observation on how this specific case played out, and I'd assume is highly dependent on the personalities of the cats involved. We found a good home for the senior cat in question, where he was introduced to a 17 year old female, and a 6 year old male. First direct contact was ...


Your cat could be protecting your other cat. He could be keeping an eye on her due to previous experiences or an attack. Either that or he just wants to keep an eye on her for the heck of it. I would say see if it gets worse, then take them both to the vet.

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