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Not advisable unless you make certain modifications Hamster proofing an enclosure of this size is quite hard. Hamster can climb to beds, sofas, heavy curtains and any wooden furniture with 3-4 cm separation from any flat surface. It is especially dangerous to have heavy curtains in the room as hamsters are excellent upward climbers but they are very clumsy ...


No, if a hamster has sufficient space, they do not need a wheel. A wheel is just a way to work around not having enough space to exercise. I'm sure a hamster would love having a that much space to run around in!


My experience with kids hamsters running loose , is that they do not want to go back in a cage and make homes in furniture. etc. I had a pet squirrel many years ago and he made a nest on the top shelf of the pantry by shredding toilet paper stored there. That is another point ,the hamsters will shred stuff to make nests. And what they decide to shred may not ...

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