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Boarding is the act of placing your pet in the care of someone else, usually a professional, and always outside your home. Not to be confused with pet-sitting. Often done for vacations, and home renovations.

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What to do when you have two large dogs and travel a lot for work?

I'm looking for suggestions and what kind of experience people might have had with dealing with a situation like this and worked and what didn't. I have two 3 year old, 80+ lb (36+ kg) dogs and my ...
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Dog sick after boarding

This has happened twice in the past two months. I dropped my female, 1 year old, spayed dog off at the boarder for a week. When I picked her up, she was lethargic (just laying down), hot and sweaty, ...
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What to do with a kitten a week after spay?

My 5 1/2 month old kitten got spayed yesterday! The vet said to leave the e-collar on for 14 days, and to try to keep her from exerting herself too much. They recommended I keep her in a safe place ...
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What information should we leave for a cat sitter/cattery?

I keep a single sheet document on each cat that gets printed out whenever they are left in someone else's care (a cat sitter, a family member, taken to be boarded, etc). What information should be ...
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Should I put my cat into a cattery while I go away on holiday?

I'm planning to go away on holiday for a couple of weeks. Should I look at putting my cat (10 year old regular moggie) into a cattery for the period, or should I look at getting a neighbour to come in ...
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What do I look for in a good cattery?

What sorts of things should I look for in a cattery when I visit? I have an old(er) cat who needs to go to a cattery for a week and I'm unsure as to what I should look for to tell me a place is good ...
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How should I accomodate my cat if I travel for work?

I am currently pursuing a new job which will require a decent amount of travel. I am very conflicted since I don't know who could look after my cat each time I'm away if I get this job. I don't have ...
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