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Autotomy, or self amputation, is when an animal sheds or discards one or more of its own appendages, usually as a self-defense mechanism to elude a predator's grasp or to distract the predator and thereby allow escape. Species that do this include some geckos and lizards (tails), salamanders (tails), some spiders (legs) and bees (stinger).

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Leopard gecko tail injury question (harsh pictures)

My little buddy ran away from me yesterday and ran next to a little statue of the Statue of Liberty and it fell and hit his tail. He dropped the tail and that was a clean snap. There's this bit left ...
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My leopard gecko's tail fell off! What should I do?

Thankfully, this has never happened to me. But if it does, how should I treat it - both immediately, and in the longer term?
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