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In three days my friend is dropping off his cat so I can watch it for a week while he is on vacation. However, the last time I watched his cat my cat attacked him. These two cats hate each other and ...
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Older kitten (4 months) bullying younger kitten (2 months) [duplicate]

I had a 4 months old black cat (female) named Friday. Bold and adaptable. Long-ish haired unknown breed. I just got a 2 months old Siamese kitten. Kind of skittish, male. The older kitten is ...
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Introducing 2 Cats Of Same Age (keeps fighting) [duplicate]

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The new Kitty is to aggressive with the other [duplicate]

We had a kitten (Gala) for a couple of weeks and she is the sweetest thing ever. Always playing and following us. So we decide to take another kitten now that the first one is still a little so they ...
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How can I stop a cat from preventing another cat in the house from using the litter box?

When going to work, two cats are left alone in the house. When coming home at night, there's a big mess on the floor. The only solution so far has been to put the aggressive cat inside a cat carrier ...
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Recommendations for introducing kittens to adult cats

We have two older cats and are considering getting a couple of kittens. Our cats are on the older side, 15 years, but are still active and spunky. If we did bring in some kittens, what are some ...
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Integrating a small kitten with an older cat

We have a 10 month old male cat (virtually full grown) and we recently adopted a 6 week old male kitten. we did everything the internet recommended regarding this situation (separating them in ...
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Is my cat's aggressive behavior playful or mean, and how do I stop it?

My boyfriend and I moved in together a year ago, each bringing one cat. The older cat moved with me on moving day and the younger one arrived a few days later. One cat is an eight-year-old female. ...
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How should I react to two fighting cats?

Several questions have addressed how to get cats to get along together. How to stop two male cats from fighting How can I encourage two cats to get along? How do we handle two female cats in the ...
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Introducing a third cat into a two cat household

Last year, I adopted two Tabby sisters. They were seven months old at the time. They have settled in nicely, and play peacefully together. I have been approved for a third cat, which we have plenty of ...
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New older cat coming into the house

I have had my current cat for about 2 years now. She is a lovely Manx. Three months ago we moved to my parents' house where there was a small foxy, whom she was fine with but never came closer than ...
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