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My Persian cat pee everywhere at home! [duplicate]

I have a Persian male cat. Its age is 9 months. I have arranged the potty pot for it. And I change its soil in every week. Also I have put a soft towel type material for pee. Almost from One month, it ...
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Kitten will not stop urinating on bed after surgery [duplicate]

My kitten was neuters a few weeks ago and ever since then as soon as I wake up in the morning he urinates on the bed. He has refused to use the bathroom correctly many times before for example if he ...
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My cat keeps peeing on my stairs! [duplicate]

Please respond to this question My cat keeps peeing on the bottom of our staircase. I think I've figured out what started it: we brought home another cat, after one of our cats ran away, and he ...
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Cat pees in the same spot. What can I do? [duplicate]

My indoor-only neutered male adult cat is always peeing in the same spot. I've tried all kinds of litter boxes, and he pees and poops in the box, but he's now getting into this habit of peeing in a ...
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How do I stop my 6 year old cat from pooping outside her litterbox? [duplicate]

My 6 year old cat and I just moved from Michigan to Arizona and now she won't quit pooping on the dinning room carpet. And now she has started to pee on the carpet too. I'm at my whit's end and I ...
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Why has my cat started urinating outside of her litter box? [duplicate]

Some information, we have 3 animals (all sterilized): Mia, a 1 year old Female cat. Bentley, a 2 year old Male cat. Stella, a 1 ½ year old Female dog. Both cats never go outside except for the ...
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It's not the cats fault it's mine [duplicate]

So I got a cat about 2 months ago. They were not specific of the age as they found her outside fairly young. I don't think they had her long, I'd imagine she's like 5 months old now. She's great with ...
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Why is my cat suddenly urinating outside of the litter box? [duplicate]

We have an 8 year old cat that recently started peeing in one spot in the hallway. During the summer months she spends most of her time outside but during the cold winter she stays inside mostly, ...
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My cat peed on my clothes! [duplicate]

Ok so my cat is literally my favorite “person” in The world. We both absolutely love each other. So my cat was getting a little on the heavy side so I switched to a healthy food a year back- she hated ...
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Cat has started to occasionally gone to toilet in the living room [duplicate]

Our cat which is litter trained for 9 months (and also has outside access) has now suddenly gone to the toilet a couple of times in in our living room. The cat has been spayed and the first time it ...
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Cat peeing on couch learned behavior [duplicate]

I have two cats about 10 months old. I changed litterbox and litter around Christmas and within 2 weeks it became evident that they did not like the new litterbox situation, as they had pooped on the ...
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Cat won't use litter box [duplicate]

My 6 year old cat has stopped using her litter box after my other cat died. She is going on the floor or in her food dish. When I took her down to the litter box to try and reintroduce her to it she ...
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Cat urination problem [duplicate]

I have a cat urination behavior issue. To start off, I used to feed a cat who avoids fighting with other cats and doesn't fight for food if another cat tries to steal from her. So I decided to take ...
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My cat suddenly stopped using the litter-box to defecate

I have read this question, but no answer seems to help here. My cat is an eight-year-old neutered male, and I have had it for five years. He has always used the litter box, but sometimes defecated ...
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How do I stop my cat from peeing on rugs and linens?

We have two cats who are litter trained, but one of them occasionally pees on rugs or linens instead. According to my fiancée, the cat was accidentally toilet trained on a towel as a kitten, and now ...
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