Our Dachshund puppy has started to grow three odd bumps: one on each cheek and a smaller one on the underside of her chin.

Please examine this photo taken just a moment ago...

enter image description here

I have circled the bump in red. It has two hairs growing out of it. The symmetrical one on her right cheek also has two hairs growing out of it, and the less pronounced bump under her chin has about 5 hairs growing out of it.

What problem, if any, do these odd bumps (or moles?) indicate? Or alternatively, should we approach the vet to have them removed?

  • Seems normal to me, based some other pictures of similar, but we do have an avid dachshund person, so I summon @JoshDM. As an aside, if you do find unusual lumps, it never hurts to take your pup to see a vet. – John Cavan Jun 11 '15 at 1:45
  • They're just little whisker lumps, nothing to be concerned about; all older dachshunds I've seen have them (including my own). – Slacklord the Terrible Jun 11 '15 at 19:59

No, don't worry. Those "bumps" are completely normal. All dogs got them, it just depends a bit on the race how well you can see them. They're very noticeable on our Husky for example.

As you've noticed and others mentioned, they are the areas where the whiskers originate.

Just check those three spots occasionally, as there might sit ticks right next to them, which would be harder to spot compared to other body parts.


It’s 100% normal my dog has it too. It’s just like when a human has a mole it normal just check and look up close because they could or could not be a tick right next it them and the round figure with hair growing out could also be a part of tissue with extra skin

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