My furry friend is a 17 yr old indoor cat & apart from when she was neutered many many moons ago (16 and a half yrs precisely) she has never been to vets or put in a cat carrier. She has never liked been picked up preferring to come to me whenever she chooses & not the other way around. She has started toileting outside the box & is giving me other signs of a much-needed check-up. I cannot imagine how I'm going to actually get her in the carrier. Even after reading some good tips, I know it is going to be a traumatic event taking her out of her 17year comfort zone & im afraid the anxiety might be too over=whelming at her age. I feel a mild sedative pre-journey would be sufficient in her case. Is their such a thing over the counter? Or do vets recommend /issue anything I could acquire for her before they examine her? Thank you in advance for any advice

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    For the sedativum mqybe this question will help you: pets.stackexchange.com/questions/28773/… Mar 4, 2021 at 13:26


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