I'm in the process of designing a new vivarium for a bearded dragon that I'm going to get in the future. I'm intending on building this from scratch out of high-quality materials (I'm an engineer so I know what I'm doing).

From my reading I've determined the following design requirements:

  • Dimensions of at least 2 x 1 x 0.6 m.
  • Must have a hot-end of roughly 37 °C.
  • Must have a cold-end of roughly 26 °C.
  • Must have a night-time temperature of about 21 °C.
  • Must have a UVB source during the day.
  • Must have hides and climbing spots.
  • Humidity of around 20% is ideal.

I'm thinking of connecting all of the sensors/heaters/bulbs/misters to an STM32 board and having them all automatically controlled and maybe adding a few cameras as well so I can watch him when I'm away.

My question is thus: are my requirements correct and is there anything that I've forgotten?

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Nearly everything looks good. Be aware the temperature requirements can change slightly, based on the age of the dragon. See this relevant article for more information.

Night time temperature should be slightly higher, at around 25 °C.

Humidity should be between 30-40%. It's very likely you won't need a mister to achieve this humidity. Mine naturally stays around 30%, but I spray it occasionally to raise it. I use a soil/sand mix as substrate so that likely keeps the humidity higher than tile for example would. What substrate will you be using?

I can point you to some exact products for heating/lighting if you'd like.

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