Maybe overheating was a word too strong to describe what is happening with my cockatiel. She seems to stick her tongue in and out in constant, rapid motion in order to dissipate heat into the air. I'm almost very sure this is overheating and nothing more because when I take her under a fan or take her to an air-conditioned place, she stops. To provide more context, place where I live in averages in temperature around 92 °F / 32 °C.

Constantly ventilating the room by having windows open seems to be a good option. Periodic showers too. There's no cooler place at home. But ventilating room doesn't seem to be sufficient enough and since summer's just started here, it's imminent that temperature spikes by at least a degree or two later in May.

I am thinking of keeping a water bath inside the cage, not only she would be able to use it for cooling by direct contact with water, but it would also provide evaporative cooling of the cage. Will this work?

Is there a better alternative?

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