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I'm a caregiver by nature to pets as well as people. I currently am caring for my elderly dementia grandmother who is 87 years old and my dad, who luckily mostly needs cooking, cleaning, reminding of pills and appointments who is age 67. During the day, I also care for two children who are my niece and nephew. My house is always full of energy and noise but I wouldn't have it any other way.

My mother passed away at the beginning of this year so I took a leap of faith and moved to Maine to be closer to my sister and her family bringing along my dad and grandma. After moving, thanks to my sister's house having fleas, I gained her cat who immediately adopted my dad as her owner. She stayed and a few months later, my dad and sister decided I was lonely so we adopted a stray Annabelle.

Cleo is around 15 years old (Rachel, my sister, found her sick as a stray and adopted her. The vet guessed her age as she was found pregnant), calico babydoll/Maine Coon mix who loves to snuggle. She spends most of her day looking for warm, comfortable places to sleep choosing more often than not my grandma's unused bed. She loves my dad and will spend time grooming, nuzzling and sleeping with dad. Sometimes she'll lay in the Bay window by his chair on a blanket to look at the birds eating or bat around a plastic cup or penny found on the floor. She absolutely loves her food but is surprisingly only 9 pounds. She is friendly to all, very affectionate and absolutely loves sleeping on my dad's computer.

Annabelle, on the other hand is around 2 year old (another stray who was found pregnant so her age is guessed as well). She appears to be mostly American shorthair and is full of energy. She loves to sleep on cat trees and be up high generally. She rarely sleeps on the floor unless I'm there and she's joining me. She spends her day either napping in her cat tree or running around the house full speed chasing balls, chewing on her toys, jumping over furniture, climbing up cat trees, scratching her posts, jumping up on everyone (even poor Cleo sometimes but Cleo just hisses so she immediately stops) and generally making the family laugh. She seems to have no fear except the sound of plastic bags (interesting enough if she finds one on the floor she rips it to shreds after climbing into it), large feet covered in shoes and sometimes of my nephew who is 3 and quite loud and fast (I love to watch them play together as they both can run really fast. He'll sometimes tie one of her toys around his waist and let her chase him back and forth across the house to use up both of their energy). She is definitely a bundle of energy and would rather perch up high or play than bother with human interaction. She does enjoy a cat rub, will lay next to someone who is on the floor, and absolutely loves to follow me around while I clean house or do chores around the house.

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