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I am a third-generation professional dog obedience trainer with Bonnies Dog Obedience and Puppy School. Bonnies has recently been awarded the Australian Business Award for being the "Best Dog Training and Puppy School in Australia" by Business Insider.

I have spent my entire life around dogs, often hundreds of them each week through group classes, private consults, dog walks, home visits, etc. I started learning about dogs from the moment I was born but became professionally interested and actively engaged in learning about their behaviour from about the age of 12 when I started regularly attending classes to observe and absorb information. This saw me learning from trainers involved in agility training, behaviour and psychology consulting, canine chiropractic, attack/guard dog training, military and police obedience training and much more. Whilst I would in no way claim to be an expert in all of these things, I believe that being surrounded by these individuals has given me an eclectic understanding of the canine species that allows me to enhance my main focus and body of understanding in general dog obedience.

I received my "Trainer Certificate" from Val Bonney, one of Australia's most renowned obedience trainers and behaviourists, in September of 2017 and have been professionally training since.

I have published and co-published several informational articles that have been released on the Bonnies website for public consumption. I always have and will always continue to utilize my connections with a wide range of specialist trainers to peer-review my information before releasing it to ensure that it is at the highest professional standard possible.

Further information on myself, as well as Bonnies, can be found at

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