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Can I rename a dog I get from a shelter?
35 votes

Dogs respond to the vowel sounds more than the consonants. If you change the name but keep the same (or similar) vowel sounds, chances are it'll be completely seamless. My uncle got a rescue dog ...

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Is there anything that suggests that the concept of a "summer cat" is or has ever actually been a thing in Sweden or anywhere else?
19 votes

As someone who isn't Swedish but knows a little about stray animals... You assume "adopt" means "buy from an animal rehoming centre". What actually happens is that the animal is ...

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How can I keep our cats from endangering my pregnant wife?
14 votes

If my wife is pregnant, she may need to spend her days lying down on our couch - and with our second bedroom set aside to become a nursery, where will we keep the cats? Why can the cats not be around ...

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Dog likes walks, but is terrified of walk preparation
6 votes

Our terrier is similarly unhappy with the process of putting her harness on. She doesn't actively resist when you've got her, but she does try to hide under the bed or table. We've tried various ...

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If I were to get a labrador retreiver, would it suffer from diseases?
1 votes

The biggest single congenital issue for labradors is joint problems, particularly hip and elbow dysplacia. The puppy vendor should have reports of joint scores for both parents, and you need to ...

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