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Matthew Walton
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C# programmer professionally. F#, WPF, Clojure, C++, Java and Perl 5 programmer formerly professionally. Rust, Haskell, Perl 6 and Inform 7 programmer not so professionally. I dabble in many pies and like my languages to be interesting and my programs to be correct, preferably by construction and without ridiculous effort. I know a fair bit about relational databases and TCP/IP networking as well. More than I ever wanted to, to be honest.

Technically speaking I'm a Sun Certified Java Programmer, but mostly it just gave me more reasons to not want to program in Java.

I train in aikido and was awarded my nidan in 2014. I have British Aikido Board Coach Level 1 and am training as an instructor for both junior and adult classes. My school practises Yoshinkan aikido which values strong form and emphasises learning to control your own body and weight in order to take control of your opponent's.

Away from the computer I play recorder (ABRSM Grade 8), viola da gamba and violin, sing, read and cook.

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