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Ph.D and M.Eng. Electronic & Electrical Engineering Degree from University of Leeds, UK, and currently working as a research assistant there.

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You can find me on Github @TCWORLD. I have several repositories, including an Arduino library compatible with all Nokia 6100 displays I've found so far (there are many different variants), and an ATTiny MCU core for Arduino (the core included with UECIDE). You can also find the code for my open source Go-To Telescope Mount Controller, AstroEQ.

Prior to studying for a Masters degree in EE, I was a hobbyist in electronics and had been for many years - I started programming with Lego Mindstorms when I was little and slowly worked my way into building electronic kits and then on to designing circuits. I taught myself PCB design and much of the practical aspects of circuit design when digitising a model railway that I have on my windowsill (block detection, control of points, signals, etc.).

It wasn't until going to university that in being taught the fundamentals of circuit design and theory that I started having much more success with my hobby and am now turning that into a career in electronics. Having learnt to program in C/C++ during my first year at Uni, I moved on and taught myself to program in Verilog and work with FPGAs - digital logic circuitry being my main area of interest.

For my Masters year I developed an FPGA based data transfer system based around a low level PCIe IP core (Altera) and in the process taught myself how to write Windows KMDF drivers and DLLs. In fact this project landed me a job at Georgia Tech where I continued development of the system and have since turned it into a Ultrasound Imaging Platform which is configurable enough to be useful in many other research areas including medical research and industrial applications.

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