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Is it safe for a cat to be with a Covid patient?

TLDR: Not really. While the risk is low, COVID-19 seems to be fairly indiscriminate, with documented cases of dogs, cats, zoo otters and farmed minks getting it. Most corona virus (There's a whole ...
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Ways to stop male cats (who are not mine) "scent marking" inside my house - they have access because my cats have access to outdoors with a cat flap

You can get battery-operated, electronic cat-flaps that will only unlock if they detect recognised microchips. This is a convenient method to control access if your cats have been microchipped. The ...
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Is it safe for a cat to be with a Covid patient?

Advice from the UK government is similar to that of the CDC mentioned by Journeyman Geek (emphasis mine): If you, or a member of your household, have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) you should ...
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Older, larger cat introduced after tragedy...Not going well. HELP!

While 4 litter boxes for three cats should in theory be sufficient, it may be beneficial to temporarily add some extra litter boxes. I suspect that Izze is avoiding the litter boxes because he is ...
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Older, larger cat introduced after tragedy...Not going well. HELP!

Separate them, quarantine the new cat in a limited area (one room, eg) and re-introduce gradually. There are good resources on the web for this, including at least one YouTube video series spanning ...
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Is it safe for a cat to be with a Covid patient?

There are two possible scenarios: Not everyone in your household is infected with COVID. In this case the cats could serve as vectors for the virus to spread to other members of your family so you ...
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Does my cat have a boyfriend?

I don't know if this can be seen as an answer, but here goes. This happened in the mid 80s. My neutered male cat, Mons, did come home with a small female cat when I was a teen. I used to let my cat ...
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Cat who is normally docile freaks out when a neighborhood cat comes onto our porch, despite getting along well with our other cats. Why?

T'Challa is a tomcat and therefore a competitor for territory and females. Pepe is just defending his territory. Tomcats are generally more territorial than females and protect their territory more ...
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How can I stop my rabbit dropping territorial marks?

The stains look like urine. Rabbits and guinea pigs can be great friends, I doubt the relationship has any bearing on the behavior. You don't need to change anything between them. Dark colored ...
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Will our cat try and hurt the new kittens he is related to?

This may be the reason for his opened mouth (smelling something), and you pulling him away in such a new confusing event for him may just get him stressed more and so swat at them. The mother knows if ...
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Is it safe for a cat to be with a Covid patient?

Maybe. I think it's only for you to discern. How old is the eldest person the cat, or those around it, will come into contact within the next 14 days? If you, your wife, and everyone else is well ...
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Is it safe for a cat to be with a Covid patient?

It is SAFE for your cat and there is no evidence that would suggest otherwise. According to “Samples collected from the cat and the dog by the department tested positive for the Covid-...
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Should I help my cat defend her territory?

Do not actively help the cat. Clapping or chasing can lead to aggression as both parties are surprised. As it sounds, there is easy access to your living room. Your cat probably considers this to be ...
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dog crates: okay to share?

Simple answer: If your dogs are properly socialized, just let them figure that out on their own. If it isn't a problem now, it shouldn't be one later on. If one prefers a specific place, it will try ...
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Older, larger cat introduced after tragedy...Not going well. HELP!

The cat series that Mhwombat is talking about is wonderful. Jackson, the owner of Cat from Hell, suggests shelving, trees, bookcases or anything else that a cat can hide in or around and still get ...
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Bully keeps running off

Your dog is not running away, he is visiting all of his friends. If there is a risk of him getting run over by cars, abused by strangers, mingling with diseased dogs (eg, mange), or tangling with ...
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Where is it ok to place wood in the fish tank?

'Anywhere' is basically ok. But when you do maintenance it is of course easier if it is not directly against the glass. I usually keep enough space between decoration and the glass that I can easily ...
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