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My cat drinks out of our swimming pool, is this a problem?

Will the pool water give our cat any health problems? Most likely not. If the water is clean and you're not using an excessive amount of chemicals (like chlorine), there shouldn't be any problem. If ...
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Why my betta lounges at water surface repeatedly

Bettas are anabantoids, commonly known as labyrinth fish after the labyrinth organ, which is a kind of lung-like extension of the gill tissue which can absorb oxygen from air. For labyrinth fish, ...
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Teaching dog to swim

You might want to try a flotation jacket for the dog, they are not too expensive and might give her a bit more confidence in the water (should certainly support her in the water) and allow her to ...
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Do dogs close off their noses in the water?

As far as I know dogs cannot physically close their nostrils, among mammals only the aquatic ones possess such mechanisms. But completely sealed nostrils are not actually that necessary because water ...
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What dog breeds are good at both running and swimming?

Based on your response above, I'd definitely recommend a working breed and make them big so they can handle the distance elements. Some examples might be: German or Belgian Shepherds Siberian Husky ...
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My cat drinks out of our swimming pool, is this a problem?

You wind up unintentionally taking in some of that water every time you swim. It isn't exactly up to potable-water standards, but it's better than the puddles your cat is also drinking from when you ...
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My betta is sinking, and we've tried everything. Looking for non-generic/mind-blowing advice

While I cannot ask as a comment, and you mentioned trying everything, have you tried Erythromycin yet? In the photo, I noticed the fins seemed ragged and translucent in places, typical of either fin ...
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Floatation device for dogs with weak back/rear

I did not find something only for the rear legs. But maybe you could make your own: If you would use this kind of harness, you could add some floating material only at the rear. Additional you would ...
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My cats drink from our swimming pool

You need to take your kittens to the vet. Dehydration is very dangerous to kittens and it might be fatal very quickly, if not treated in time. The best thing is to avoid chlorine in a swimming pool ...
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