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Iontophoresis: does this method have any real scientific backing?

Definition Iontophoresis is a medical procedure to administer a liquid drug into the skin and deeper tissue without using a syringe. The drug is transported through the skin via an electrical current....
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Do cats shiver when they have a fever?

While shivering can be a symptom of fever, it’s not always present, so I wouldn’t consider shivering an important indicator. Many lists of fever symptoms in cats don’t include shivering. A far more ...
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Do fish get bored, and if so, how can fish boredom be identified?

I recently moved to Georgia and inherited 3 pond comets which live outside regardless of temperature. Their names are Winkin Blinkin and Nod. When my friends ask which one is which I told them the ...
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Can dogs *actually* kiss? Not lick, but kiss

No. Same reason they can't drink by sucking and have to inefficiently lap water up with their tongues: the lips can't get an adequate seal. Muzzles mostly just don't work that way.
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Why do dogs have black eye juice?

This is common to many dogs I've been with. This link talks about several different kinds. I believe the one you'...
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Water chlorination too much for pup?

I haven't had alike experience as you and I might be wrong. The material of which the water bowl is made of could potentially leach minuscule amounts of nauseating chemicals to the water, especially ...
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Why do dogs have black eye juice?

Humans tend to keep themselves cleaner than dogs do. The difference in color is dirt buildup. Ask any girl who doesn't wipe off her mascara before she goes to bed what color her eye boogers are in the ...
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