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Cat biting new cat

You do not specify whether the cats are neutered/spayed. I'm hoping they are, but the behaviours you described make me suspicious they are not. They are probably both sexual and dominance behaviours. ...
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How can I get my cat to stop hating my other cats?

It may be too late now, but bringing in two younger cats may not have been the best thing to do in the first place. Image yourself being 65 years old, and all of a sudden two adolescents you don't ...
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My female and male cats get along and are healthy, but when male goes up to play with female, she hisses and growls

Let them work it out. "I'm not in the mood to wrestle" is a legitimate response. They'll figure out their own ways of interacting. (I presume they're both neutered, or there may be subtexts.....
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