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*Specific* problems or concerns regarding the physical well-being of a pet.

Addressing specific problems or health concerns that may negatively impact the well-being of a pet. Requests for general medical information are appropriate; however, personal medical advice is not.

Examples of appropriate general medical information questions:

  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of these three different treatments commonly used for $disease?

  • How often do indoor-only pets contract FIV?

  • $professional_publication had information about a promising new treatment for $condition a year ago; what further work has been done?

  • We suspect food allergies; what alternatives are there to the expensive prescription diet?

  • What is the general prognosis for $diagnosis?

Examples of off-topic personal medical advice:

  • Should I subject my elderly pet to surgery for $problem?

  • Should I vaccinate my indoor pet for FIV?

  • If I accidentally skip a dose of $medicine should I just skip it or double up the next one?

  • (Many personal details here, ending with) what should I do?

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