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Why don't fish grow to their full size in a small tank?

Fish excrete hormones in their waste. In a confined space like an aquarium, these hormones build up and act as growth inhibitors, this is basically an evolutionary mechanism, to prevent fish from ...
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Did neutering stunt my dog's growth?

No. It is extremely unlikely that getting your dog neutered at 9 months affected your dog's growth or reduced it's quality of life. Here's why: Age to neuter: 6 to 9 months is the most common age to ...
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Will my cat Mitch stop growing now that he is almost 2 years old?

In general, cats stop growing when they are one year old; this means your cat will not get longer or taller, and the growth stop is gradual, not a sudden stop. In this article on you ...
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Magpie robin raising

I raised a crow under similar circumstances; fed him mostly earth worms. In hindsight, he should have had a more balanced diet. I suggest commercial food for hand raised parrots and worms. We had his ...
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How can a guest help an owner verbally discipline a dog when the owner's family gives inconsistent verbal discipline themselves?

It is not the dog that needs the training, it is the dogs family. Some of the things you mention like being on furniture are personal choice, it would be inappropriate for you as guest to dictate on ...
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My red eared slider turtle won't grow

Here is what I've been able to find about this turtle: A male red-eared slider reaches sexual maturity when his shell is approximately 4 inches long. Depending on nutrition, that's between the ages ...
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Newfypoo weight chart

Unfortunately due to the fact that it's a mixed breed it is difficult to assess if she is at her healthy weight without physically seeing the pet. We have a few clients who have Bernadoodles (Bernese ...
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Growth rate of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs

Random search on the internet returned this table. age/months weight/kg 1 4 - 7 2 13 - 19 3 18 - 32 4 25 - 60 5 35 - 64 ...
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Will every goldfish never stop growing?

Koi maximum about 4 ft , some have been documented to be about 100 years old ( in Japan).But I have seen some older koi limited to about 2 ft ; so genetics must be a factor . Koi and goldfish are ...
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Why don't fish grow to their full size in a small tank?

Because they die before they reach full size. Either from being poisoned by their own waste, or from complications due to their organs growing while their bodies are stunted. It's like saying that a ...
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