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We adopted a rescue dog that we are pretty sure was abused. After about a week hes started peeing on my daughter

Whether or not he was abused has nothing to do with his urinating on people. This is just unacceptable behavior, but it seems like he hasn't learned that. Your daughter is the one who can stop him ...
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How can i prepare my frenchies for a first stay without me?

I totally feel your anxiety! Leaving your fur babies for the first time is really hard. The best thing you can do is start prepping your pups for your absence now. Try leaving them alone for short ...
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Pet on long flight

Thank you for your comments and answers. I managed to ask the airline about my concern after I asked the question here. They said that my dog will be let out of the crate and will be taken care of ...
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How risky are rocks for dogs?

Definitely not advised to allow dog to chew or swallow rocks, as chewing can cause damage to their mouths (teeth, gums, etc.), and swallowing of course, digestive issues (ie blockages, or sharp rocks ...
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What do I do about my dog having a tick and scratched it off?

First of all, don't panic. 😉 If you have small enough tweezers, you can try to remove the head. If that doesn't work, just leave it there. If you have a disinfectant for dogs (don't just use anything ...
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Kidney Problems in Older Dog (Potentially CKD)

Good news... I took her to another vet and did a complete blood workup in addition to some other advanced tests (like SDMA). The results of these tests show her kidney values returning to normal. ...
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