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How can I fix my relationship with my 7 month old cat after I've constantly abused her the past month?

As in human cases of abuse, if you genuinely want to repair the relationship, the first and most essential thing to accept is you may not be able to. Especially with a young kitten, it's entirely ...
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How can I fix my relationship with my 7 month old cat after I've constantly abused her the past month?

Honestly, it sounds as though you shouldn't have a cat right now. There is never any excuse to needlessly hurt an animal and, whilst your critical write-up of your own behaviour is a start, it ...
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How can I measure the weight of my cat?

Do you have a (preferably digital) bathroom scale? If so, weigh yourself. Now get off the scale and let it reset. Pick up the cat and weigh yourself holding the cat. Subtract.
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What is this street cat asking for, with continuous meowing?

If she's not satisfied with food/drink it may be that she is actually seeking nothing more than attention. Adult cats don't meow to each other (in cat-world it's only used to communicate between ...
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How can I keep our cats from endangering my pregnant wife?

First of all, please calm down. Your question sounds as if any interaction with your cats would potentially endanger the life of your unborn child, but that is not the case. It's not the cat itself ...
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Cat is tipping over bed-side lamps during the night

The other answers are good, but I've had success with a more direct approach: outstubborn the cat. Rather than trying to minimize the sound/inconvenience of the falling lamp, try to maximize it. Be ...
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How do I "apologise" to my cat?

I wouldn’t start giving treats for small accidents - what kind of behavior are you trying to reinforce? The cat won’t understand the concept of an “apology” via treats. And if careless weaving results ...
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Cat may have spent a week locked in a drawer - how concerned should I be?

The cat doesn't go into suspended animation when in the drawer. If she was really trapped there the whole time you would find, uhm, metabolic byproducts, in addition to claw marks where she tried to ...
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Is this normal first day home behavior for my kitten, or should I be concerned?

This seems pretty standard for a kitten that was separated from her mother and siblings maybe a bit too young. 6 weeks old used to be the standard age to send kittens to new homes, and it won't hurt ...
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Cat behaving strangely for no apparent reason

Every thing you say in your question makes me think your cat is in pain, urinating and defecating on the floor but sometimes using the litterbox (pain using the litterbox). Moving low to the ground, ...
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My cat seems to dislike the idea of a morning walk. Should I continue?

Putting a cat on a leash and walking it around isn't species-appropriate. You can and should do that with a dog, but cats usually hate that. They value their autonomy. The idea "My cat will feel safe ...
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Why does my cat lay down with me whenever I need to or I’m about to get up? Is this a common thing?

Probably confirmation bias. Odds are, the cat is not lying down next to you every time you're about to get up. There are times when you get up without the cat lying down next to you, and time when the ...
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Does purring tire cats?

Purring is a sign of wellbeing for the house cat. She certainly purrs because you are petting her, but if she would be sleeping on you then chances are she would probably also be purring without you ...
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Cat meows for wet food in morning despite dry food being available

We had the same problem with our cat. Here's how I solved it (and @Nova did too, once). When he first came to live with us, he was fed in the morning when I got up and left the bedroom. But one day ...
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How do I "apologise" to my cat?

I don't think there are many animals that understand the concept of apology, as a high level concept as such, except for maybe some other advanced primates. MAYBE elephants, dolphins, whales or ...
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My sick cat disappeared

I am sorry to say this, but it is possible that the cat retreated in order to find a quiet spot away from her core territory for passing away. This is instinctive behavior, and while it might seem ...
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Is it possible to keep cat litter on balcony during winter (down to -10°C)

The short answer to this is yes, "technically" it's possible to put a litter box on a balcony in winter, but it's not at all realistic and will not work out in any way. You can, after all, put ...
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What are the signs of an old cat dying?

This is an emergency, so you need to get her to the vet. If a cat stops eating for more than 24 hours it can cause fatty liver syndrome; this might be fatal in itself. And the illness that is the ...
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Cat has bad tooth and won't eat but vet won't remove tooth if she isn't eating

As someone with 5 cats, one of whom recently lost a lower front tooth, I'd be inclined to get a 2nd opinion from a different vet. My reasoning is that she can't eat anything because of the pain in her ...
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How can I stop my kitten from growing?

Erm.. you can't. At least not without severely harming the health of the kitten. Small living things grow into bigger living things - this is a nearly universal phenomenon. Depending on the breed of ...
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Is it ok to adopt a kitten if you have a murderous cat?

First, step back and read up on best ages for kittens to leave their mother. (The best age to adopt a kitten is around 10 weeks.) At 3 weeks of age a kitten is completely helpless and will need help ...
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What to feed kittens that are only a few weeks old? (Their mother died)

At this young age the kittens still require milk, you can probably get some kitten milk from a vet store, a quality pet store with a knowledgeable staff, or make your own (only if not available ...
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Is it ok to feed my cat one chicken liver daily?

It is absolutely not advised to feed cats home cooked food because there's a very high risk of malnutrition. Cats evolved to eat 8 - 12 small animals like birds, mice, rats, hamsters and other rodents,...
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Overly friendly stray cat wants to come in our house

Thank you for your concern for the little homeless kitty. While it's very likely the cat has fleas and intestinal parasites, the good news is cat fleas do not feed on humans. I used to rescue dirty, ...
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How to stop adopted stray/feral cat from scratching trees?

Wouldn't it be a better solution to protect the trees from the cat than to remove the cat from the family? First of all, it's impossible to teach a cat not to scratch on anything. The claws of cats ...
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My old cat died and I don't know how to deal with it

Loss of a pet, for some people can be no different than losing a family member. The effect may be more intensely felt by children and teenagers compared to adults. Therefore, grieving after a pet is ...
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My cat demands a lot of attention

Your cat has been on an emotional rollercoaster ride in the pet shop, and possibly before this, too. She's been meeting lots of people and having little stability in her life, so you need to give her ...
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What to do when moving next to a bird sanctuary with a loosely-domesticated cat?

Whatever your general opinions on free-roaming cats may be, allowing your cat to hunt in a bird sanctuary definitely sounds like a highly irresponsible thing to do. If you'd rather not lock your cat ...
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My cat gets angry and scared at me if I stand

Your cat may be interpreting your standing up as an aggressive posture, as cats will arch themselves up to make themselves as tall as possible when they're being scared or aggressive. Or, it may be ...
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