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Correcting litterbox aim, senior cat

At 15, I would not be at all surprised if your cat is experiencing lessened mobility or joint pain, which could very well be the reason for her not using the litterbox correctly. You might try ...
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How do I get my cat's attention when they are in attack mode?

In short: you cannot do it in a nice way. What I mean is that once your cat is in attack mode, it will probably ignore any lures like treats and toys and calls for cuddles. In nature, wild cats have ...
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Strange cat behaviour

What you are asking about here is typical behaviour for an intact male cat,the loud meowing and scent marking is normal for an healhy intact male cat. If you get your cat neutered he will be less ...
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Unearthing cat buried 2 years ago. What to expect?

To put this the least harsh I can think of. When a pet is unalived, it begins to decompose from weather, insects or other natural processes. That being mentioned, every other answer applies. Soil ...
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Is this normal kitten behaviour?

Typos fixed. Sigh. Suckling is comforting for young cats, and fairly common -- like a kid sucking his thumb. And I've known some cats to continue as adults; one of my friends had a cat that would ...
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Is it okay to heat a lactated ringer's bag using a sous vide cooker?

Yes it’s perfectly fine. Just keep the line end out of the water. Any vet’s office will tell you you can warm the fluids with a heating pad or by submerging the bag in a pot of warm water - so long as ...
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What percent of cats are 'lap cats'?

Me and my family have had cats for a large portion of my life. If you're talking about cats that like to be in a lap, then I'd say probably half. Virtually all of the cats I've been around want to be ...
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