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Bayer Elanco Advocate topical treatment for Deworming cats

I haven't used this specific brand, but I use topical treatment for intestinal parasites on both of my cats and it works great. One cat is a barn cat, living mostly outside and eating mice, which is ...
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Daily "Liver & <whatever>" commercial wet food?

Depending on your location in the world, commercial pet food that is advertized as "complete" or "daily" nutrition must be safe to feed daily. In the EU pet food is regulated by ...
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Feral cats and stray cats

There really aren't any good solutions. There are already too many non-feral cats to find homes for them all. And ferals don't always adapt well to being pets, even when they aren't afraid of humans. ...
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My cat is doing a strange move with his mouth

I would at least start with maybe just calling your vet’s office and explain what is going on and then see what they recommend <3. Then they can at least let you know if they think he should be ...
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