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How is a dog's health affected if he's (almost) never bathed?

When was the last time you saw a wolf showering? :) We've got a pure breed Siberian Husky and an Alaskan Husky for 3.5 and 2 years now. The older one was bathed twice so far (before we got him and ...
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How do I safely bathe a chinchilla in their dust?

I used to take care of my sisters chinchilla, and I used a small-ish plastic box with the dust inside of it. As to "how", all we really had to do was to let him loose in the vicinity of the said box ...
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Can I bathe my cockatoo with Dettol solution?

What should I use? Never use anything but plain water when bathing your bird, even shampoo's marketed for birds are not good. Birds have a preen gland called the uropygial gland which secretes oils to ...
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How often should i give bath to my cat? She feels so much afraid of water

Cats are well-known for having a natural dislike of water (with some exceptions); they don't like to be wet and aren't going to stay in a situation where they're getting wet, so it should come as no ...
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How is a dog's health affected if he's (almost) never bathed?

I think it is quite recent that dogs [or cats for that matter] have been considered in "need" of any regular bath at all. Basically, since we ourselves have started to shower/bathe on ...
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How is a dog's health affected if he's (almost) never bathed?

Mario pretty much covered the answer, but just to add another voice to the mix. We had a Saint Bernard's for 8 years before he passed away and we bathed him like maybe once a year when we changed ...
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How can I keep a guinea pig clean?

This post is a little late after your original question, but I could not help to finish this for anyone who sees this question! You should try putting the wood pellets (Or whatever soft animal bedding ...
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How can I clean the shell of my tortoise?

I have extremely sensitive skin and so I find that using just a tiny bit of my gentle everyday use face wash works to rid him of his smell. I only do this about once every two months. I don't ...
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How can I clean the shell of my tortoise?

My tortoise, Beef, loves being scrubbed with a toothbrush on the back of shell, only with dawn soap. We only use the original type (blue/original), but I use a damp cotton ball to wipe off dirt from ...
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Is it OK to wash my dogs head/face with the hose and dog shampoo?

A good alternative is to get dog bathing wipes and wipe around their face. This way there is no risk of anything getting into their eyes. However, you'd have to check to make sure that there is ...
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Liquid Dial dish soap for flea-soap(shampoo) usage

Dish soap, bar soap, liquid soap, shampoo (for humans) is a no-no for cat's (or dogs). Cats skin is a significantly different Ph than human skin and using these products can cause irritation, itching, ...
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How long can I use dry shampoo for cats after it expired?

Expired or not, do not use dry shampoo on your cat. Depending on how long ago you applied the shampoo, try wiping it off with a damp cloth to get as much product off as you can. Your cat may be fine, ...
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Cat bath and its ears considerations

Not sure if the breed of the cat makes a difference when it comes to water in ears, but I could be wrong. I’ve heard many times the same thing your sister told you. I think they must have a hard ...
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How do I make my dog comfortable taking a bath?

Bathing can be problematic because there are multiple strange things going on that most dogs aren't really familiar with. First the location. Bathtubs and shower stalls are often made of a curved ...
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Do hairless cats need bath? If yes then do they need some special hairless cat soap?

Cats do not need a bath at all unless they get something on them like grease or oil and potentially toxic substances. So unless this is the case you do not need to give any cat a bath. Giving cats a ...
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How do you clean poop out of a long hair cat's fur?

We have 4 long haired cats. When our oldest eats the wrong food, she'll have diarrhea the next day. When this happens, we follow these simple steps: The one noticing it will yell "Kakapo!" (...
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