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In giving my cat a “space” (bed) on my desk, should I strictly enforce that she stay there only?

After reading answers to a question on this site about a cat being problematic on a desk, I followed advice there and gave my kitten her own space on my desk:

enter image description here

And I have gotten the message to her that when air-powered keyboard-duster blows, that means she's gonna get puffed if she doesn't get in that bed. Kitty doesn't like the puff, so she goes.

But for some reason, as shown above, she likes to lay on the desk instead sometimes. I dont really mind her there - she isn't bothering me. But when she gets up and walks on my keyboard, that does bother me.


It's ok for you to lay [here] and [here] but not to ever step on [this]

too complicated of a message to send a cat? Will this be too confusing?

Should I strictly enforce that she stay in her bed when on the desk to avoid confusion? Or can a cat handle "two places are OK, but the other one is not"?