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Questions tagged [winter]

Use in questions related to the effects of the winter climate or winter seasonal changes on a pet. Please include relevant tag indicating what animal is the question being asked about ([cats], [dogs], etc.) and other relevant tags if they are appropriate and related to the question, such as [containment].

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Is it safe to catch and move hibernating fish?

I have about 50 mixed types of goldfish and koi in an outdoor pond. I want to remodel the pond, expanding it to double the volume of water. I will relocate them temporarily to a 2000 gallon (7600 ...
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What should/could I feed my outdoor rabbits in winter?

My rabbits live in Middle Europe outside in my garden the whole year. What should I regard in choosing their diet during winter? (Picture of my male exploring the big white play ground:)
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Spotted salamander hibernation interruption care

Today I saw my dogs playing with something in my yard. It turned out to be a very large spotted salamander (about 10-11 inches long). It was frozen solid, and I assumed it was either already dead, ...
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Large, short haired breed in Canadian Winter

I have a Presa Canario puppy (fairly large - probably 50-ish lbs by now, 4 months). It's a short haired breed, from Canary Islands near West Africa. I live in Canada. If it's at least +5 or so ...
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