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14 year old cat not eating

I have a 14 year old indoor tabby that has slowly been losing weight this year (and is currently around 9lb, down from 10 or 11 lb), and has reduced her eating a lot. She doesn't respond very much to ...
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Cat stopped eating, loosing weight and drooling when served food (9yrs old)

I'm really looking for help. Disclaimer: We were and are visiting the vet. Next appointment is on Thursday. I‘m lost and helpless and want to help my cat. I‘m heartbroken because I don’t know how to ...
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My 2 years old dog doesn't want to eat, she has a serious weight loss [closed]

My 2 years old dog has serious problems recently and I can't figure out what's wrong with her. Symptoms include: Noticeable weight loss; Inactive (lays on the ground all day); Not eating at all (or ...
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Cat presented multiple symptoms over the past 2 days - lost weight and has trouble urinating and defecating

This is not a cat I have direct contact with, it's a cat taken care of by a friend who lives in another country. The cat is a stray they picked up, he's about 1 year old from what she's been told (she'...
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Cat has IBD and has lost a lot of weight and has diarrhea a decent amount of the time

I am having trouble remedying my cat's inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). My cat ShayShay has been losing weight for the past year; he has lost roughly 2/5 of his weight. He is 7 pounds in weight; he ...
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What are the signs of an old cat dying?

She is a 17 year old female indoor cat. I have only had her for almost 7 years. She's always loved food, but she began turning her nose up to even her favorites. About a week later, she isn't eating ...
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Can rabbits suffer from thyroid problems?

My rabbit is 5 years old and losing weight rapidly despite eating significantly. He's lost a quarter of his body weight in the last month; 2.01kg when healthy and 1.45kg this morning. He had a ...
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Old cat with declining digestion, wasting

I have an old cat with chronic digestive deficiency. I was treating the condition successfully by pancreatic enzyme therapy but that is having a diminishing effect over time and he is gradually ...
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