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The process of gradually transitioning the young of an animal over to eating solid foods instead of relying on the mother's milk. Please include a relevant animal tag, such as [cats], [dogs], etc.

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When do we wean kittens?

These two delightful creatures appeared two and a half weeks ago. Mum (a tortoiseshell) is now happy to wander around the house and go back betimes for suckling purposes. At what stage should we ...
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How do I stop kittens from nursing on my older cat who is not their mother? [duplicate]

I got two kittens 6 weeks ago and they are currently about 4 months old. They nurse on my older cat everyday, several times a day. My older cat would stop them at first, but they are relentless so she ...
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Older cats are nursing on the new mother with newborns

I have 3 kittens which are 14 weeks old. Their mother cat gave birth to 5 newborns last night. Today, the 3 older kittens are latched on her teats, are happily helping themselves and she isn't ...
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Is it okay to rehome a 2 month old kitten if it's weaned, but still suckling off mum occasionally?

I have a 2 month old kitten (from a litter of 6). All the kittens from the litter are still with mum, are eating kibble and wet food. Boy in question is pretty big compared to the rest of the litter. ...
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Kittens bite their mother while nursing

My cat gave birth to 4 healthy kittens, which are 3 weeks old now. But I noticed recently that their mother is crying while they are being nursed. When I checked, I found out they were biting her ...
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Cat about to be spayed, but still nursing 3 month old kittens! How to wean them?

I’ve made appointment for momma cat to be spayed, but she won’t wean her 3 kittens who are 3 months old! They eat kitten chow so don’t need to feed off her. Momma is still lactating and encourages ...
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