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The physical and chemical aspects of an aquarium's water that affect the animals living within it. Please provide specific details of what spieces are inhabiting the aquarium and include their respective tags. Common examples of water parameters include pH, temperature, salinity, nitrogen wastes content, general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH).

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Effect of KH on Neocaridina shrimp

It is my understanding that, in the aquarium, KH (carbonate hardness) raises the pH slightly, but primarily acts as a "buffer", preventing large pH swings. For Neocaridina shrimp (I keep ...
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What causes a Norman's lampeye to lose the ability to move it's tail fin?

I have an aquarium with eight Norman's lampeyes (unfortunately 5 male, 3 female) and some other fish. Last Sunday I discovered that one of the Norman's lampeyes wasn't doing so well. She was nearly ...
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Goldfish skin around the intestine area is gone and stomach looks to be caved in

This is my first time posting so I’m sorry if I made any mistakes with my post. I think I’m going to lose one of my goldfish. About 2-3 weeks ago both of my goldfish (I only have 2) developed ammonia ...
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Color change in guppy

My guppy looked pretty healthy and shiny just three days ago: And yesterday... it just darkened. The scale pattern just got so dark all of a sudden. Should I be worried? And this is today:
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Nitrates spike right after a 50% water change (ammonia,nitrite and nitrate readings were all zero before it)

Need help in a situation I'm a bit puzzled with. I have an established, 3 foot (90 cm) bare aquarium with discus. I have added a few plants in the last 3 months. Once the new plants have adapted to ...
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Distilled water for misting my tree frog enclosure

Is it ok to use distilled water to mist my treefrog enclosure, but give it water with minerals in it for the water Bowl?
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Why are CO₂ diffusors supposed to be located far from water movement?

My Dennerle Profi-Line CO2 Diffusor recommends to place it far from water movement, e.g. the filter output, but when I put it there I see that the fine CO2 bubbles which take about 15 seconds to rise ...
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How to get rid of black hair algae?

My aquarium is infested; it's on the plant leaves/pebbles/glass. I tried to remove everything manually but it soon bloomed again, big water changes, shortening the lighting time, but no success. It ...
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If i have sand substrate will my good bacteria beneath the sand still get fed?

I just put power sand, pumice for living bacteria, then on top of it hard sand, then the toppest is full the finest granule sand. I filled the water and now wait to cycle the tank. I wonder whether ...
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Betta dying help

I forgot to save the old water from when I cleaned my betta’s tank and now he’s floating at the bottom. What can I do? I have already tried putting my guppies’ tank water in to do half half and it’s ...
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