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Use this tag for questions about interacting with a veterinarian (trained medical practitioner including doctors, surgeons, and specialists, and their facilities). For questions about specific injuries or diseases, use those tags.

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Does a cat that lost an eye from infection need to have its eye sewn shut?

For the past few weeks, a stray kitten has been wandering to my house and getting more and more comfortable staying around. When he came, he has an eye infection, and now he has lost his entire left ...
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Bald patch on stray cat's neck, what should I do?

So there is a stray cat I've been feeding for a few weeks now and he has a bald patch. He didn't have it when I first saw him and I think it began or happened pretty recently. It's on his neck so I ...
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Cat struggling to walk, but has no leg or spine issues

My cat recently began to struggle to walk. It looked like his back legs were hurting quite a bit and he would not walk to the food/water or the cat box. If I brought him there he would eat/drink a ...
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My bunny is making a new noise I’ve never heard before and I was wondering if anyone has ever heard a similar noise from another bunny?

My 3-month old lionhead bunny has started making a new noise. She previously was ill with the snuffles, completed a course of antibiotic. She was never very ill with the snuffles just very sneezy and ...
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3 month old kitten pawing at mouth and making gagging motion

My 3 month old male kitten woke up from his evening nap yesterday and started pawing at his mouth with both front paws (nearly falling on his face) and then did kind of a gagging motion with his mouth ...
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Itchy cat biting fur

Recently my 12 year old domestic short haired cat has been biting/mowing her fur around her primordial pouch. She is neutered and only goes outside on our deck. I would get her to a vet, but the COVID-...
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Changing blood values o female dog (ALT, ALKP) after infusion - liver cancer?

I have a dog that has not been eating well for a good two weeks. In the course of the treatment, it turned out that certain values in the dog's blood were elevated. These included alkaline phosphatase ...
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Zoe, 19 months old cat, British Shorthair, refusing to eat due to digestive issues

Greetings to all members of the cats community, I am truly desperate for any help or guidance you’d be able to offer. 3 days ago my cat lost her interest in food and started vomiting and I took her to ...
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Should I change veterinarians?

English Mastiff developed round infected lump and swelling in web between first toes that made walking difficult, one year ago. Vet said it was cheek grass and did surgery. Found nothing. Sore between ...
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Pink eye/Conjunctivitis or URI?

TL;DR at bottom I've gotten a kitten at the start of this month (September). From the first day, she has had eye discharge in one eye, and has to sneeze every now and then. I was concerned, and ...
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Stray cat terrorized because of medicines and trust issues

I'm Dex from India. I have been feeding a stray cat (1 year old male) near my house for almost 3-4 months. A week ago or so he has got some minor skin issues after fight with another stray cat (...
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Dog skin disease

my dog has something weird in its skin and i don't know what to do. The vet told me to give him a medicine called amoxil but it didn't help. Here are some photos Any help would be much appreciated. ...
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Why is the hair on my dog's back getting much lighter?

I have a doberman and he has a number of issues. My parents refuse to take him to the vet but I think it's something serious. Here are the symptoms. Hair on his back has become much lighter. He has ...
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How to deal with dogs dental issues?

My girlfriend has a 6 year old Chihuahua/Pug named Willow. She has HORRIBLE breathe! The worst I have ever smelled in a dog. I always said "this is not normal, go get this checked out", and my ...
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Is Dextrose powder good for a one month old puppy?

Can I use dextrose powder for my one month old puppy? She is not feeling well and doesn't drink milk even if come from her mother.
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Can an MRI identify the reason why a pygmy hedgehog has a neurological problem?

I have a pygmy hedgehog which has a neurological problem with her legs. She cannot stand at all. She was running around my room on October 6th, and three days later she cannot even stand. Nothing is ...
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