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Are EU passports accepted as an alternative to health certificate?

We've taken our dog abroad several times since we got her in early 2019, but not since the UK permanently left the EU in January 2021. Mainly due to travel restrictions because of COVID19. The rules ...
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Appropriate dog crate size UK

I have a friend who has a 6-7 month old working Golden Retriever pup. He’s still quite a small dog as he is young. She has been informed that she has had a complaint from a neighbour to the police and ...
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Will scarring effect my horse's placement in a showing class?

My horse is now almost 3. (a week away) This year we were supposed to start showing in-hand (UK) However, when she was first introduced to our lower herd in November/December she unfortunately caught ...
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Why does my Horse seem very itchy?

Me again! My horse when she comes in from the field is prone to feeling itchy. This is a new development over the past five days. She rubs her backside up against her haynet and will sometimes kick ...
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1 answer

Why does my horse snort?

My horse snorts if she sees something she isn't too sure about or if she's just had a bout of thundering over the field. I've always thought it's a build up of adrenaline and possibly endorphins but ...
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Why does my horse paw the ground?

Since I've had my young horse she paws the ground almost every night. I've tried adding boredom busters such as treat balls, lick it's and wood (she likes to chew it?) but every morning without fail ...
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What do judges look for at a horse show?

I've always wondered what does a judge look for in a horse show? I know they look at: Conformation Personality Gait Presentation I'll be attending a 2-3 year old all breed class with an Appaloosa. ...
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How should I show my Appaloosa horse?

I have a three year old Appaloosa filly I will hopefully be showing in-hand this year. (Mostly to help postpone my eagerness to ride.) I'm wondering what the breed standard is for showing an ...
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1 answer

Is shoeing a horse bad?

I am wondering if shoeing a horse is bad for them. For clarification the word "bad" here covers any negative affect it can have on the horse. I will only be accepting an answer that argues both sides ...
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1 answer

How to reduce biting behaviour in pasture [horse]

I've got a field with two Appaloosas and one Anglo Arabian. One Appaloosa is a young 3 year old filly, the Anglo Arab is a 9 year old mare and the other Appaloosa is a 5 year old gelding. Admittedly ...
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How to reduce the smell of ammonia in horse's stall

How can I reduce the smell of ammonia from my horses stall? My horse is still young (3 years old) and currently makes quite a mess in her bed every morning. She will defecate and urinate all over the ...