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An enclosure, a vivarium, that recreates a terrestrial habitat. These are often used to house reptiles, amphibians, and other small, non-aquatic, animals.

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Building a Termite Farm

So me and my friend have decided to make a termite farm and with me and him both being in high school, we don't really know the best materials for it. We have looked it up and have only found a small ...
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Leopard gecko in a pine terrarium

I was thinking about getting a leopard gecko and i was reading that certain types of wood are toxic for reptiles. I understand that having pine or cedar shavings as substrate is a big nono, but what ...
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Small gnats in roach colony

I have a small Dubai roach colony for my three bearded dragons. I have small little gnat-like bugs that will flock to the colony every week or so. It's not so bad as to affect the colony or the house ...
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My pillbugs are having trouble moulting

I raise a box of about 30 pillbugs. About 2 months ago I found a bug that couldn't seem the moult. Its old skin was still attached to its body, and it was limping around with the skin on. It died ...
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Would it be OK to keep boa imperator terrarium not too far from tv screen?

I have two places I can keep terrarium for my new girl: In my bedroom - calm and quiet, but lower ambient temperature. In my living room - higher ambient temperature and more fun for me to watch, but ...
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Is cholla wood safe for a bug terrarium?

Specifically, is cholla wood safe for a lidded terrarium that will house springtails? I'm not going to put any vertebrates in there, just springtails and maybe isopods later on. I know cholla is ...
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What is the rough oxygen consumption of a common garden skink?

I've found no information online - what's the average oxygen consumption of the common garden skink? It's a small 10cm lizard. Even a very rough estimate would be helpful.
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