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An enclosure, a vivarium, that recreates a terrestrial habitat. These are often used to house reptiles, amphibians, and other small, non-aquatic, animals.

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2 answers

What is a good substrate for a bearded dragon terrarium?

There are so many different types of substrate, what are the reasons to choose one type of substrate over another, or is it all just personal preference?
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What is the basic proper aquarium setup for a turtle?

I'm setting up an aquarium for a turtle and have a few inquiries about how to prepare it properly. I want to have not only the proper setup, but also have precautions to avoid the turtle flipping over ...
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What are the minimum requirements for keeping a snake?

I want to get a pet snake. What aspects should I consider when choosing one and preparing to keep it and care for it?
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How can I keep my 3 month old leopard gecko warm

I have a baby leopard gecko but my heat lamp just broke and I will have no money for a new one for about a week or two how can I keep her warm until then?? Is a floor vent heater okay? I’m panicking ...
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How can I diminish my dragon's reflection?

When my bearded dragon was younger, he didn't react to his reflection. Because he didn't react, I figured that he either couldn't see it, or wasn't bothered by it. But now that he's fully grown, he's ...
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Building a Termite Farm

So me and my friend have decided to make a termite farm and with me and him both being in high school, we don't really know the best materials for it. We have looked it up and have only found a small ...
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