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4 month old staffy greyhound cross puppy rough playing with a 2 year old. Help!

We’ve got a staffy greyhound puppy for my sons 2nd birthday present as he is in love with dogs, we already have a sphinx cat also so my son is well used to animals and how to touch them etc. the puppy ...
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Puppy grinds her teeth

At five months, my miniature schnauzer puppy has most of her adult teeth come through. The teething process has taken a few weeks and there have been no problems. Until now? In the last couple of ...
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3 month old kitten pawing at mouth and making gagging motion

My 3 month old male kitten woke up from his evening nap yesterday and started pawing at his mouth with both front paws (nearly falling on his face) and then did kind of a gagging motion with his mouth ...
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What can I give my dog to chew that will last more than a few minutes?

I have a puppy (well, he's almost a year old) that destroys everything because when he's not crated, sleeping, or being entertained by nature, my other dog, or me, he wants/needs to be chewing on ...
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How Can I Reward My Puppy for Chewing His Toys Instead of Everything Else When He's so Food-Motivated?

This question is admittedly similar to this but with some differences that I wanted to see if folks had any more specific advice on. I have a 13-week old likely Shepherd mix puppy who's definitely a ...
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Is it acceptable to tie a dog to a leash as a timeout to prevent biting?

My 2 month old puppy is teething and has a natural proclivity for biting things; anything and everything. While I understand that this behavior is natural and might stop after a while, he also bites ...
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Is it safe to chill or freeze rawhide?

I was wondering if it would be safe to chill in the fridge--or even freeze in the freezer before giving it to the dog. My guess is that it would either make it brittle and unsafe, or it would become a ...
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Why does my puppy wait before eating?

For a week or so, my puppy (Brittany, male, 5 months old) doesn't start eating right after being given his bowl, as he happily did so far. The routine is like this: I take the bowl from his crate, ...
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How can I best manage a teething puppy?

My puppy is 4.5 months old, and he's teething. His gums are quite red and irritated. I provide him with different chew toys (only 1-2 of them at the same time, changing every day). I also give him a ...
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