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Questions tagged [swimming]

Referring to the act of treading water with the intent to travel through it.

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Floatation device for dogs with weak back/rear

Our aging Border Collie really enjoys swimming. But his rear-end is getting weak, with muscle atrophy in the rear legs. So his rear-end is sinking as he cannot kick-stroke efficiently with the back ...
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My betta is sinking, and we've tried everything. Looking for non-generic/mind-blowing advice

I have had this betta for about two years now, since he was a baby. A couple of months ago he started having trouble swimming. He would swim upwards, but could not stay there - instead, he would sink ...
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Why my betta lounges at water surface repeatedly

I have a no-filter small tank where I keep my betta. There is a small pothos inside, as a way to absorb all the urea. But just today I realized he keeps on lounging towards the surface till his snout ...
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My cats drink from our swimming pool

My cats (three kittens) like to drink from our swimming pool, which is filled with a lot of chlorine. This has been going on for a a pretty long time, and even though I provide a huge bowl of fresh ...
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Do dogs close off their noses in the water?

Even the best canine swimmer sometimes ends up slipping its head below water and I was wondering if they know to exhale or close off their nose to prevent the water from entering their nose?
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What dog breeds are good at both running and swimming?

Perhaps a mutt - part hound and part water dog would be the best. But are there any known purebreds that are good at both? For context, by running I mean 10k+ on trails and swimming I mean 1k+ in ...
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Teaching dog to swim

We've been getting our dog used to water for the past 2 years and have made great progress. She now goes in to fetch sticks and toys but only as long as she can stand without getting her belly wet. ...
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My cat drinks out of our swimming pool, is this a problem?

My cat Rosie (female, age 8) likes to drink out of our swimming pool. This has apparently been going on for a while, but I just found out yesterday. Given the following: She prefers to drink water ...
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Is it safe for dogs to swim in chlorinated water?

Owners of Labradors are probably familiar with their dogs jumping into everything that contains at least trace amounts of water, murky ponds, muddy puddles, etc. An answer to a question about a ...
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