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Questions tagged [stress]

For questions relating to stress and pets.Physical or emotional stress, internal or external stress, whether the pet is living in a stressful environment or seems stressed. Any conditions that may be related to stress, the cause, symptoms or treatment. Include as much detail and history as possible. Use with the relevant species tag, such as `dog`.

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Aquarium ammonia question

My wife and I purchased a small 5.5 gallon aquarium: Top Fin Starter Kit with a silent-stream carbon filter. We are brand new with aquariums and unfortunately didn't do our due diligence and research ...
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New enviroment introduction for termites

How would I introduce termites that I capture to their new environment (a farm that I am building) without causing too much stress to them?
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Baby gerbils dying while sleeping

This happened years ago, so no pictures. The story: We had a cage with a female gerbil and her babies. There was a coconut shell in the cage with about a fourth of it cut off,and all the the gerbils ...
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Minimum age of cats, to be safely administered Gabapentin?

Gabapentin is prescribed by veterinarians for cats, for fear, anxiety, or stress (example: to be administered to a cat before a vet office visit, to reduce those symptoms in that situation). Is there ...
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What could cause lameness in the back legs of a young rabbit?

My friend has got (as a present for their children) 2 around 7-week-old male (?) rabbits 2 weeks ago (when they were 5 weeks old). Like I wrote in another question, she has got no information about ...
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Gravid female red eared slider

So it's the time of the year where last year on April 29,2019 my female red eared slider who is turning 4 soon layed her eggs but this time she hasn't. I moved her to her nesting area today (29th ...
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