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Questions tagged [snails]

Snails are molluscs living on land or in the water. Questions are about snails kept as pets. Land snails are usually kept in terrariums whereas water snails are kept in ponds or aquariums.

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Snails strange behaviour

My aquarium snail was not well, I thought so. In the morning he stopped moving , so I thought that he was dead so I took it out and kept it in another glass jar with water . Then he started moving and ...
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2 votes
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Best environment and Matches, beside Beta, Snail, and small Plecos

I own a very small tank, which I'll replace soon, with I think a 40G tank. I had a betta, and yesterday i bought several fish, of which only the placus, 5 tiny fish, and two snails survived the war, ...
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1 vote
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Why are leafy green vegetables safe for snails given their high copper content?

I've frequently seen leafy green vegetables like kale recommended as food for snails (in part due to their high calcium content). However, I was reading the nutritional content for several kinds of ...
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How do I know if my snails are bleeding? How can I move them place to place without hurting them?

I try not to pull my snails so I wait for them to come onto my hand, but they take so much time, that is what is my difficulty. I want to also be alert to when they bleed, but I don't know where to ...
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What is the red platet floating around my tank

Today my wife this red circular think in the tank floating near a snail. Any idea what it is is it some type life or maybe just the snail shedding or whatever they do?
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0 answers

Do Achatinas appreciate communication with human?

Do Achatinas appreciate communication with human, or is it just a stress to them? When you take them in your arms, they seem to move more actively then in the terrarium, but do they appreciate that, ...
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Help identify baby snail

I have a 5 gallon aquarium with shrimp and mystery snails. About a month ago, I added duck weed and today there is a tiny snail in my tank. I have no idea what type of snail this is. My mystery snails ...
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