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Peeling Skinny Pig Skin [duplicate]

I have just recently got a skinny pig about 3 weeks ago. I have done lots of research on what to do and how to take care of him and I thought I was doing a good job till I got home yesterday from work ...
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Is there anything safe to put on a Naked or Skinny guinea pigs skin

I recently picked up a Skinny cavy boar. The person that originally rescued the guinea pig did not know anything about them or how to care for them and turned to me since I raise guinea pigs. He ...
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Is there anything special I have to do for a skinny pig?

As a kid, I had many many guinea pigs. I loved them, they were cute, and fun, and relatively easy for me to take care of. I was considering getting another one now that I am an adult, and then I saw ...
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