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Amano shrimp disappearing 1 day after adding to an aquarium

As a test (as I was cautious even after the shop keeper said it's fine), I bought 3 Amano shrimp to add to my aquarium. One day later only one was still there (right top of the pic). All three were ...
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How to change which water conditioner I'm using

I have two tanks: my ghost shrimp tank is using Tetra AquaSafe for Bettas water conditioner (the tank used to also contain a Betta fish, but no longer does). My Betta tank is using Seachem Prime water ...
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Hydra infestation

Recently I’ve noticed a hydra infestation. I’ve pulled out about 5 hydras already, but I know there are some left. One of my golden back shrimp have already lost their life to the hydra’s paralysing, ...
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Is it possible to tell shrimp eggs if they’re cross bred?

I have noticed that my shrimp are recently becomin g pregnant, also I keep my shrimps in one 40 liter tank so I wonder if it’s possible to tell by only the eye if the eggs are cross bred. You may be ...
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Effect of KH on Neocaridina shrimp

It is my understanding that, in the aquarium, KH (carbonate hardness) raises the pH slightly, but primarily acts as a "buffer", preventing large pH swings. For Neocaridina shrimp (I keep ...
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