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Pet Sheep are kept on small hobby farms. Some people use their wool or keep them as herding animals for dog training.

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Vaccine for sheep pneumonia

I have a clock of Chios sheep in the middle east region living in a semi-closed barn, pneumonia has been the major cause of death (in lambs) so far I have tried Tylosin and many Oxytetracycline ...
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Our sheep had too many babies and was temporarily paralyzed, how can I prevent this from happening again?

A couple years ago one of our sheep had five babies. They all survived but one had to be fostered to another mom and a second had to be bottle fed. The mom was temporarily paralyzed in her back end. ...
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What would make a rabbit herd sheep?

If you search for "rabbit herding sheep" you will find multiple links on YouTube and to news organizations like CBS showing a cute little brown (dwarf?) bunny, herding a small flock of sheep. The ...